Superzero And The Clone Crisis

Superzero And The Clone Crisis

Author : Jane De Suza
Brand: Penguin/Puffin
Product Code: 9780143427889
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INR: 250.0
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Close on the heels of his first two crazy adventures, the peskiest . . . sorry, super-est superkid in town falls plonk THUD c r a s h into a third. Everyone, including BigaByte, is in a lousy mood because someone s stealing their laughs. Whaaa? Plus SuperZero s mom has a scary surprise for him. Plus, plus, plus, there s a cunning clone in school who s turning himself into everyone else and creating full-on chaos. (Pssst, that s your cue, SuperZero. Do your thing!) So much trouble can only be good news for SuperZero fans. Here come the hahas and high action once again.

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