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I like to write about whatever touches my heart, from everyday experiences to social/general issues. Stories that I hope young readers will connect with and get inspiration from. Srividhya Venkat


When Srividhya Venkat was eight years old, she weaved her first story which was duly illustrated and hand-published by her older brother.

After that she grew up to be just another adult, working all day in a boring office.

But after reading several books to her children as they grew up, she decided to go back to school as a teacher. That's when her invisible spinnerets came back to life and she began to weave stories once again.

Today, Srividhya is a children’s author and performance storyteller. She loves to create and share stories about our big, beautiful world where everyone is different, yet same-same. Some of her picture books are Pickle Mania, Lunch-Friends, The Clever Tailor and The Tree Boy.



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Srividhya Venkat 

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