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Children ask you the toughest questions... so you can imagine how challenging it is to illustrate for them Vandana Bist


Teaching children is her passion and something Vandana greatly enjoys.

Vandana Bist is an illustrator, writer and children’s author. After graduating from the Delhi College of Art she started working as an illustrator with publishers like Katha, Penguin, Rupa, Harper Collins, Ratna Sagar, and Children’s Book Trust besides others. She has been writing since 1989 and her specific areas of interest are adult fiction, poetry and workshop outlines in schools. In 2014, she began her own venture called Akka Bakka, with two colleagues. Teaching children is her passion and something she greatly enjoys.

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Awards and Honours:

  • Noma Concours (Japan),
  • Encouragement Prize Katha Chitra Kala Award, 1998