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My characters must be naughty, incredibly curious and fidgety. I write because I want kids to read, and actually enjoy it enough to want to pick up another book. Books help you grow into incredible, thinking individuals and that’s the goal. Stuti Agarwal


Stuti Agarwal grew up in the hills of Darjeeling, lives in Delhi and hopes to live the Ruskin Bond life. Or ideally the Roald Dahl life - the English countryside is appealing, but that will be difficult.

Stuti - after” finishing all the studying” - became a journalist and has been with the Outlook Magazine for the last four years and is now with Discover India magazine. She dreams of quitting her job ‘that pays the bills’ and settle in Darjeeling, somewhat like Ruskin Bond.

In fact, an ardent Roald Dahl fan, her dream is to live in a small hut in the English countryside in the middle of a hamlet, actual or virtual as the case may be. She, of course, has to have her momos, thukpas, and wai wai noodles by her side.



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