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Children know a lot more than we think they do. Dumbing literature down for children with euphemisms or over simplified plots to make it more ‘accessible’, shouldn’t be the norm. While ‘accessible literature’ plays an important role in raising readers, we need more stories that bring them closer to the world we are living in, and the world they are likely to live in. Vaishali Shroff


Mumbai-based writer Vaishali Shroff is an award-winning author of children’s books. Over 100 of her stories have been published in school textbooks, anthologies, magazines and portals.

The seven books that she has written for children have been recommended by NCERT and CBSE and include books like Raindrops and Ari (Tulika) and The Missing Bat (Pratham Books). Her latest book The Adventures of Padma and a Blue Dinosaur, has been published by HarperCollins and won the Best in Children’s Writing Award for 2019. She represents India as an author for books published by the prestigious Oxford University Press UK and Asia.

Vaishali never ‘alienated’ herself from writing despite having worked in the corporate world for nearly a decade. Though she has an engineering and management background, she loves to write poetry, flash fiction and research-based stories, both fiction and non-fiction. Her travel experiences are reflected in her published works. Challenging subjects that are not generally addressed or talked about, are focussed on in her books. She likes to share pertinent and poignant stories with a maximum number of children everywhere.


Instagram: @vaishaliwrites

Awards and Honours:

BICW (Best in Indian Children’s Writing) Contemporary Award 2019 for The Adventures of Padma and a Blue Dinosaur