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Of course magic exists. You can feel the sparkle and stardust every time you open a wonderful book for children and are whisked off to the moon, or to a land of unicorns and rainbows, or into an adventure about girls and boys just like you. Shabnam Minwalla


Journalist and author Shabnam Minwalla’s books are a mix of fantasy and realism.

Her characters are people you can relate to. A down-to-earth person and a mother of three, she has little time to pursue her writing but still manages to do so.

When she got a job in Times of India, it was like a dream come true for her. She believes that journalists can make a difference and she wrote some impactful articles. Then, when the girls came she became a stay-at-home mum and read lots of books to her kids.

Shabnam found to her surprise that she loved the stories that she read. She believes that while parents can guide their children to some extent they cannot dictate their reading lists. Her strength is her ready sense of humour and her finely etched characterisations.

Also interesting are the shades of grey in her characters, a trait not common in children’s literature. This is exemplified in her book ‘The Six Spellmakers of Dorabji Street’, where dollops of friendship, a dash  of romance and a squeeze of magic together create a delightful cocktail that children would be hooked on to. Shabnam’s writing brings Mumbai - a large breathing character and an integral part of the story - to life.


Shabnam Minwalla

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