I wanted children to know that there is good and bad with greatness. And I want parents to be able to tell them about the pressures and temptations that come with fame. Aparna Jain


Aparna Jain loves writing and is also an amateur photographer.

Aparna Jain's previous book, Own It, was shortlisted for the Tata Lit Live Business Book of the Year prize in 2016.

Aparna knows a thing or two about work, women and leadership. She has spent over twenty-three years in the technology and media domains, where she has held leadership roles that drove marketing strategy, brand and business development. She is also India's first certified Integral Master Coach and works with corporate heads in Indian industry. She is passionate about championing women leaders in the workplace, which requires working with men as much as women, and empowering them to overcome 'women challenges'. When not coaching, Aparna loves reading a good mystery, listening to Coldplay and Bach, and travelling to destinations where she can taste exceptional food, sip memorable wine and attend a musical or two

She was one of the backers of the project ‘Rebel Girls’, featuring snippets on 100 inspiring women from across the world. But when she looked for biographies on Indian women for children, she couldn’t find any that were satisfactorily engaging. That is when she decided to write one herself, and thus was born, ‘Like a girl: Real stories for tough kids’. The women range from Razia Sultan and Chand Bibi to Dipa Karmakar and Poorna Malavath.

A lot of back breaking research, numerous interviews and chasing people went behind the writing of this book. In this book, she addressed subjects that adults were wary of approaching, like gender, sexuality, caste, rape, poverty, mental health, human rights and much more - issues she wanted the parents to discuss with their kids and so she deftly presented them in the stories of Bhanwari Devi, Bama, Ritu Dalmia, Soni Suri and others.

Aparna is a vocal advocate of equal rights for women and inclusion in the workplace. She has also authored ‘The Sood Family Cookbook’

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Aparna Jain



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Awards and Honours:

  • Shortlisted: Tata Lit Live,Business Book of the Year,2016 for Own It.
  • Jury Appreciation Certificate at the First South Asia Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivity 2015-16 for Own It.

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