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Set Theory for Smartypants

Anushka Ravishankar (Author) , Pia Alize Hazarika (Illustrator)
  • Publisher : Duckbill
  • Publishing year : January 2024
  • Binding : Hardback
  • ISBN : 9780143461043
  • Imprint : Duckbill
  • Age Group : Early Reader
  • Language : English
Genre : Reference

Are you a Smartypants?Do you ask a lot of questions? Like―Can a set have a bicycle and a banana?Can there be a set wit ...


Are you a Smartypants?
Do you ask a lot of questions? Like―
Can a set have a bicycle and a banana?
Can there be a set with nothing in it?
Do cats like tuna or chicken?
If you do, then you just might find the answers in this book.
It has gorgeous pictures, simple explanations and a very curious cat!

Author : Anushka Ravishankar

Dubbed ‘India’s Dr. Seuss’, Anushka Ravishankar is one of India’s most celebrated children’s authors, and her witty and jubilant tales are internationally acclaimed and widely translated. Anushka has now written over twenty books and travelled widely performing from her stories. In 2012, she founded the Indian children’s publishing house Duckbill together with Sayoni Basu. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.

Illustrator : Pia Alize Hazarika

Pia Alize Hazarika is an illustrator primarily interested in comics & visual narrative. Her independent/collaborative work has been published by Penguin India (The PAO Anthology), COMIX.INDIA, Manta Ray Comics, the Pulpocracy, Captain Bijli Comics, Yodapress, Zubaan books and the Khoj Artists Collective. She runs PIG studio, an illustration-driven space, based out of New Delhi.

Translator :