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What happens next?” To me that sense of breathless curiosity and wonder is vital whenever a child reads or listens to a story. It’s what I work hardest at while writing……to somehow make the book unputdownable. Asha Nehemiah


Asha Nehemiah’s books are popular with children of all ages. Whether it is a picture book, a chapter book, a short story or a mystery novel…. she has written it all.

Asha’s fiction is characterised by her sense of humour, an atmosphere of fantasy, a touch of mystery and a spirit of adventure. In her stories, hilariously funny characters get into the most comic adventures and the craziest of escapades. Apart from her signature wacky mysteries, she has also dealt with thought-provoking issues like the need to embrace diversity and to curb domestic violence.

A multi-faceted, multi-talented writer, Asha has had brief stints as a copywriter in an advertising agency, has edited books and textbooks, worked as a freelance writer and book reviewer, taught English and been part of a trust that started a school.It is her strong belief and conviction that books and stories, are perhaps, the best ways for everyone, especially children, to explore new ideas and cultures.

Asha writes in English and her books have been translated into several Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese and Urdu

She has been described as a magician, who, through her writing, reminds one, of many things one has read of, in one’s childhood and yet there is a freshness in her writing, that makes you want to flip the pages of the book quickly and read the ending. She is a hot favourite in all households, where children love reading and listening to stories.

Asha lives in Bengaluru, India, and when she is not reading or writing, she bakes, walks and plays bridge.



Asha Nehemiah

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