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I like to weave impossible tales for children. They are smart; they catch you if you go wrong with your logic. But once they trust you, they can believe anything. That’s exciting for me – to make them believe that they even have a tail! Soumitra Ranade


A thinker and a trailblazer, Soumitra Ranade is a man of interest and many interests.

Soumitra is a writer-animator-filmmaker who lives in the Meghanandaradhepuram Caves near the Ajoyavikramacheniya Valley. All the stories that he has written are actually narrated to him by his pet crow zwp.

His portfolio includes an impressive range of live-action and animation projects feature films, television, short experimentals and documentary genres.

He directed Jajantaram Mamantaram, arguably India’s most successful children’s film. His thought-provoking documentary on Afghanistan won world-wide accolades at numerous international film festivals.

The director, producer, writer, animation lover and founder, chairman and creative director of Paperboat Design Studios also writes and designs children’s storybooks. He is a keen photographer and has had two successful exhibitions in Mumbai. Soumitra is an alumnus of JJ School of Art, Mumbai; and Film & Television Institute of India, Pune.

Soumitra has co-written the screenplay for the just-released Goopy Gawaiya, Bagha Bajaiya.


Awards and Honours: