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It has become increasingly important to talk to young adults about the problems and complexities of the world they will someday inherit, and I have hopes that they will heal some of these problems which my generation and those before us will be, unfortunately, bequeathing them. Siddhartha Sarma


Siddhartha Sarma is a journalist, historian and author of fiction and non-fiction.

Sarma’s two YA (young adult) novels have been set in different historical periods and contexts, but the teenaged central characters in both stories experience the world and, in some ways, come of age through the events in the plots. One of the reasons why writing for young adults is significant for Sarma is that he gets the opportunity to explore the minds, motivations and worldviews of young people, which are important for him. He also interacts with his young readers and gets to understand how they see the world and interpret it. That is why he writes young adult fiction.

He has written The Grasshopper’s Run (2009) and Year of the Weeds (2018) for young adults and two non-fiction compendia for children and young adults - 103 Journeys, Voyages, Trips and Stuff (2009) and 103 Historical Mysteries, Puzzles, Conundrums and Stuff (2012), besides short stories for children and young adults.



Siddhartha Sarma

Awards and Honours:

The Grasshopper’s Run

- 2010 Vodafone Crossword Award for the best Children’s Book

- 2011 Sahitya Akademi Bal Sahitya Puraskar