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The kind of books I like best are those that make me forget that I'm reading a book. Those are the kind of books I want to write Shruthi Rao


Shruthi Rao grew up in the Bangalore of the eighties and nineties. She got a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from RVCE, Bangalore.

After that, she got a master's degree in energy engineering from NIT, Trichy, where she tried to design an efficient wind pump. (Long story short, it crashed.) She worked in the IT industry in Mumbai and Bangalore for a while, until her daughter dragged out the writer inside her. Shruthi now lives in California with her family. She misses India, but comforts herself with the beauty of the Californian redwoods and the Pacific Coast. She loves books, trees, benches, desserts, science, trivia and long walks. 

Her books:


10 Indian Women Who Were the First to Do What They Did, Duckbill, 2019


20 Indians Who Changed the World, Talking Cub, 2019


Look Again, Pratham Storyweaver, 2018


Susie Will Not Speak, Duckbill, 2018


Manya Learns to Roar, Duckbill, 2017


The Secret Garden, Nature Science Initiative, 2017


Avani and the Pea Plant, Pratham, 2016


Science Experiments for Backyard Scientists, Priority, 2013


The Story Lady, Unisun, 2011




Awards and Honours:

Best of Indian Children’s Writing Award, 2018, Winner, for Manya Learns to Roar


BalKatha Prize, 2018, Winner, for Watch Me 


Children First Contest, 2017, Winner, for Manya Learns to Roar


Children First Contest, 2017, Shortlist, for Susie Will Not Speak


DNA-Out of Print Short Fiction Award, 2014, Winner, for "The Awakening"


Open Road Review Short Story Prize, 2014, Shortlist, for "At the Wedding"

Tagore-O’Henry Short Story Contest , 2013, Winner, for "Kanchenjunga"


Unisun-Reliance TimeOut Competition, 2011, Winner, for The Story Lady

Sunday Herald Short Story Competition, 2011, Special Mention, for “All that Glitters”


Sunday Herald Short Story Competition, 2008, 3rd prize, for "The Guide"