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It is important that we expose children to India’s treasure trove of culture and give them a chance to embrace a dance form, or a musical instrument or a style of painting. And in such an endeavour, books and stories can play a happy role, allowing kids to learn about the country’s great ambassadors of culture. Sharad Kohli


Sharad Kohli was blessed to have been surrounded by music and literature in his growing up years.

He firmly believes that only when children are exposed to and immersed in the arts and cultural heritage of a place, can they develop a better understanding and appreciation of their country’s great cultural delights.

He decided to listen to and enjoy Hindustani Classical Music, when he realised that he could not be a Tansen. He is an inveterate traveller, and whenever he finds some free time, Sharad travels to where his heart and head lead him, in search of solitude and reflection.

He is an enthusiastic and eclectic collector of songs and books and, besides being a nature lover, also follows sports with a childlike wonder.

A journalist by profession, his first book for children The Story of Tansen - Master of Melody has just been published. The book talks about his love for classical music and delves into the religious pluralism that prevailed in the legendary musician Tansen’s time. Sharad covers Gurgaon and especially the cultural activities of the city and its people for the Times of India.


Sharad Kohli

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