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I honestly feel the phrase ‘children’s literature’ is very restrictive. An author writes because they have a story to tell. And stories can be heard by anyone. Nandita Basu


Nandita's medium of work is comics. She started out as an animator but at some point got hooked onto comic stories as a medium of expression.

Nandita believes that reading creates a space which is each one’s own space of sanctity. 

Some stories, of course, may appeal more to an age group. This however doesn’t mean it bars the rest from reading it.

Some of Nandita's  favourite books are what adults term as children’s books. Reading creates a space that  is nothing less than holy because the reader and the writer share a communion unseen and unheard by the rest.

She has written stories using the graphic medium for both children and an adult audience. Nandita has mostly worked on short stories, and several of her short stories have been published in Anthologies like Verite 01, Comix India Antholgies, Kindle magazine. She has even been commissioned by a Tamil newspaper to write a serialized comic story for children. 

Her first book is actually a poem in verse called Rory and Tusker (Minerva Press).  A Comic Existence is a compilation of her web comic journal, which she self-published in 2018. She also has a short graphic novel titled “The Piano – the Story of a Friendship” slated to be released in April 2020. She is simultaneously working on two graphic novels which she hopes to finish 'soon'.

Nandita likes using black and white for her illustrations. She loves the Franco-Belgian novelist Comes' style. She is also a musician. She plays the piano, violin and fools around with the cello. 


Instagram - @alienandalien

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