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Bring out your imaginations and observations live through your drawings and engage yourself in reading for more ideas .The more you read the more you can imagine. Mistunee Chowdhury


Mistunee Chowdhury is a Delhi based freelance illustrator, animator, painter and sculpture artist.

She loves to play with  colours in different styles and mediums like paper, clothes, clay, etc to bring her artworks to life. Creating 3D illustrations is her speciality. 

Mistunee spent her childhood in Santhiniketan (West Bengal) by exploring her creativity through designing traditional alpanas, handicrafts, stencils, drawing, etc.

After shifting to Delhi, she met India's renowned illustrator Suddhasattwa Basu who become her mentor and honed her artistic skills.


 She has worked with several book publishing houses including NBT, Hachette India, Scholastic etc and magazines like Pluto, Intellyjelly. Her creations include picture books, comics, book covers, caricatures, mascots, posters and logos. Making eraser sculpture is her current hobby.



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