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Growing up, I had the very best friends a girl could wish for- books. I wish the same for everyone! Likla Lal


Likla's winding journey with words has led her to become a writer for children. She considers herself to be a perpetual student although she has a Masters of Arts, in English Literature. From a past life as a dancer, she retains her love for movement.

Be warned, Likla has a terrible sense of humour and will laugh at just about any joke you make. She believes in kindness as quintessential and doesn't like it when people are intolerant or uncaring. She lives for ideas - new, crazy, creative and outrageous. If you meet her, she'd love to hear all about what you are passionate about. 

Art is a Verb is her first book, published by Art1st in 2019. It celebrates the joy of being, doing and creating. 'Art is a Verb' received a Bronze Medal at the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Awards and Honours:

Independent Publisher Book Award for Children's Interactive Book (Art is a Verb)