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Children's books are sincere, hopeful and imaginative and always give away a small window to the big world stitched out of pictures and words coming together. I believe children as readers wonder and wander and always seek stories and the truth. Their limitless creativity and curiosity only makes them the best audience to engage with, and in the process, the storyteller learns so much. Devangana Dash


Devangana Dash is a New Delhi-based designer, illustrator and book maker.

When she's not designing books for a living, Devangana reads, writes, draws a little more and collects books for her dream library. For inspiration, she relies on nature (especially birds and sea turtles), picture books by her favourite artists and authors, different genres of music and a cup of chai.
She studied visual communication design at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, and sociology from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Her debut picture book The Jungle Radio: Bird Songs of India is a little story on birds and their calls.
Devangana designs for Penguin Random House India, and has previously worked with Child Rights and You, WWF India, Wildlife Trust of India, Katha, and Centre of Environment Education. Devangana has also illustrated Ayesha and the Firefish for Puffin Books.


Devangana Dash

Awards and Honours:


Oxford Bookstore Book Cover Prize 2017 and 2018 for cover design of The House That Spoke and Masters on Masters

Publishing Next Awards 2019 – Book Cover of the Year The Jungle Radio Book: Bird Songs of India & Twice Upon a Time (Penguin Random House)