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Perseverance can bring you writing success overnight. Stay humble always. When you look up at the write sky, you’ll see so many brighter shining stars. A writer’s journey is an exciting roller-coaster and never-ending. Debashish Majumdar


Debashish's forte lies in weaving original fiction

I spent the better part of a bitter childhood in the hills of Shillong. The only bright spot was that my maternal grandparents had retained a small self-made library. I ate, drank and slept books. I translated my sadness and pain into laughter. I would narrate funny incidents and home-baked humorous tales to my school buddies.

At the age of eight, adding to the tragedy I lost my beloved pet Alsatian Lyka. He was given a Christian burial in a hilltop which I could view from the open window of my home. I wrote a moving one-page story about how Lyka’s white shadow would visit me every midnight and we would play in the garden. Soon, I realized there was a writer within me struggling to be born.

Life has its strange twists and turns. Instead of settling down with English literature (vehement opposition by my folks!) who desired to make an engineer out of me, I - as a compromise - qualified as a stellar Marketing Graduate, the work nature of which totally contradicted my burning passion to become a writer. That came about accidentally.

I had just lost my job for my uprightness and honesty in a government enterprise after having busted a corruption racket. I happened to spot a competition for writers of children’s books in a newspaper. My debut story for kids won me a CBT (Children’s Book Trust) writing award. I never looked back since.

My forte lies in weaving original fiction. Out of the 250+ nationally publisher stories for kids, I have plagiarized only two! (eeks!).

My tryst with Scholastic began way back in 2010 when I was chosen to conduct regular storytelling sessions as a popular writer for children. In 2018, I was made the final jury for the highly prestigious Scholastic National Schools Writing Awards 2018. My book numero 20: Fooled You! is published by Scholastic India. Hopefully yet, I still have a long way to go.

Debashish Majumdar


URL: www.

Awards and Honours:

Children’s Book Trust (1991,1994,1995, 1997, 2001)

Tinkle Original Story (1992,1993)

Association of Writers & Illustrators for Children (AWIC) 1993, 1994

Commonwealth Short Story Prize (shortlist) 2003.