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Children are my friends. I can spend hours with them without tiring. Children have so many interests - so do I. We spend hours at craft workshops and story sessions, we jump around together and weave stories, we discuss values and creative ideas. Benita Sen


Benita Sen does not restrict herself to writing stories - just fiction or fact or craft - for then she would not do justice to her young friends.

She believes that young people have many different dimensions and she feels obliged to discuss some of these, with them. That is why her fact books weave fiction into them and fiction books ask some strong questions.


She shares her thoughts, even random ones like gardening with them. The result is ‘Green Gardening”, an unusual child-centric gardening and crafts book published by Harper Collins.


To Benita, life is multi-dimensional and she thinks she needs to give back substantially. She believes in voluntarism. Her facebook account is primarily for the welfare of neglected animals. Since she is a journalist, her blog is a little distant from the world of children’s writing. In fact, her blog is on cancer reportage. Such is the depth, sensitivity and wide ambit of Benita Sen.


Benita Sen

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