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Dinosaurs are a window through which we expose children to science, engineering, maths, environmental conservation and even art. I write about them because I am still that kid who never outgrew his fascination for Earth's prehistoric past. Besides, who doesn't love a good dinosaur adventure? Andy Chua


Andy Chua is the award-nominated author of the children’s dinosaur book series, The Fossil Finders.

As a boy, Andy always found himself at home in the library surrounded by piles of books. In school, he wrote lengthy compositions for his English teachers to critique. At home, he published fan-fiction stories on countless forums for other netizens to enjoy. Finally, a chance encounter with the publisher, Bubbly Books, led Andy to write his first dinosaur adventure book, Mesozoic Mission.

Having collected fossils since he was 20, Andy now owns hundreds of unique specimens, some of which he has loaned to museums. As a pioneer member of the local palaeontology society, Singapore Fossil Collectors, Andy has met palaeontologists and fossil-experts from around the world. Andy holds a BSc with Merit in Multimedia Technology and Design from Singapore University of Social Sciences. He now spends his free time reading, gaming, jogging and travelling the world.

Andy is a regular speaker on prehistoric life and dinosaurs in schools, libraries and museums in Singapore, and has collaborated with the National Arts Council of Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa and Bookaroo for various dinosaur-themed events.


Andy Chua



Awards and Honours:


Singapore Books Awards 2017 (set up by the Singapore Book Publishers Association) - Best Middle Grader/Young Adult Title - for Fossil Finders: Cretaceous Crisis.


Red Dot Student’s Choice Book Awards 2017 for Fossil Finders: Mesozoic Mission (nominated by the International School Libraries Network).

Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award 2018 by the Singapore Book Council for Fossil Finders: Triassic Trouble.