Illustrating books for kids is my way of having this uninterrupted visual conversation with them. There is always a sense of satisfaction when I see a huge smile on their face which say that they love the visuals. That's the ultimate reward for any illustrator. Savio Mascarenhas


Over the years, Savio has illustrated numerous comic pages for Tinkle and the Woofus series of books and story books of ACK Junior.

Two decades ago, Savio walked into Tinkle’s offices as one of its biggest fans and today, he still remains one. If one listens to him, with eyes closed, describing Shikari Shambhu’s adventures, one would think he was a seven-year-old who has just discovered Tinkle, the popular children’s magazine.

It is difficult to say whether Savio discovered Tinkle or Tinkle discovered Savio. He is the Group Art Director for Amar Chitra Katha, which owns Tinkle. He describes walking into the Tinkle office like Alice wandering into Wonderland . He and Anant Pai, the owner, who recruited him, made sure there were no mythological tales in Tinkle. Instead, Tinkle stuck to fun, simple, straightforward stories with contemporary themes. He started as a freelance cartoonist and, later, joined fulltime.

Savio started as a copywriter at an ad agency and stayed there for a few years after his graduation.


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