Muezza And Baby Jaan: Stories From The Quran

Muezza And Baby Jaan: Stories From The Quran

Author : Anita Nair
Brand: Penguin/Puffin
Product Code: 9780143333944
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An unlikely and their illuminating friendship Join Baby Jaan as she listens to Muezza s mesmerizing tales, and soak in the wonder of rare, enlightening nuggets of Islamic lore. A djinn in the form of a baby camel and the Prophet s favourite cat come together in their shared exploits and a mutual education. As their chance meeting and tender bond is delicately explored, we are offered a fascinating array of teachings from the Quran that is sure to captivate children of all ages. Savour some enthralling gems about Nuh s ark, God breathing life into the first man and woman, Iblis the djinnturned- angel, the gift of free will, the ninety-nine names of God, the blessed she-camel, the mighty King Sulaiman and much, much more. Charmingly whimsical and breathtakingly illustrated, Muezza and Baby Jaan is a read like no other.

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