How Weird Is That? Nature S Bizarre...

How Weird Is That? Nature S Bizarre...

Author : Ranjit Lal
Brand: The Energy and Resources Institute, TERI
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Daddies that are Mummies…mummies that eat Daddies…shrimps that could knock you out with one punch…touch-me-not frogs…a wildcat that hypnotizes with its ears and brings down flying birds…gluttons that eat themselves up…non-vegetarian plants…bottoms-up babies that parasail around the world – meet and share the adventures of all these weird and wacky creatures in the wonderful mummy-eat-daddy world of nature’s bizarre!

Table of Contents:
Cat amongst the pigeons
Daddy cool
How weird is that?
Knockout guy
The beastie and the beauty
Poison dart peril
The little spiderling parasailing club
The smartest of them all
The war of the ants
Whatever happened to papa
Did you know?

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