Tinkle Presend: Suppandi 4: Tickling The Funny Bone

Tinkle Presend: Suppandi 4: Tickling The Funny Bone

Author : Rajani Thindiath
Brand: Amar Chitra Katha
Product Code: 9789350855522
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Tickling the Funny Bone is the fourth volume of selected stories featuring Suppandi the simpleton from Tinkle Comics. Summary of the Book In this world of recession and constant lay-offs, it s hard to get a job one is good at. Even more so for Suppandi the Simpleton who can t seem to stay in one place. Every good-minded action of his turns into a mess. Everywhere he goes he leaves behind a broken master, one that still shudders at the sound of the simpleton s name. However, Suppandi is completely and hilariously oblivious to his own nature and wonders why his masters keep yelling at him for no reason at all! Catch the adventures of Suppandi from over 30 years of Tinkle Magazine s run in the fourth volume of the complete set.

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