By Sidika Sehgal

Guest Review: Will Grayson, Will Grayson

This book, co-authored by John Green and David Levithan, is a different read. The first book starring gay characters to ever feature the prestigious New York Times Bestselling List at No 3, it deserves immense credit to normalise a topic as taboo as homosexuality. Kudos to John Green’s character Tiny Cooper who doesn’t associate sexuality to liking musicals or to liking football!

The book is refreshingly original and honest. It blends the ridiculous with the real. It doesn’t talk of the most popular girl in high school falling in love with a tall, dark and handsome prince. No, the book stars characters that are more down-to-earth and live in the real world. The book has an astonishing amount of foul language but perhaps it was required to shape the characters.

This sensitively written novel, though takes a nosedive after the very threshold of the book. Just as the plot is about to deepen, the book disappoints the reader.

It must be said in favour of the authors that a lot of thought has gone into the smallest of details, be it the name ‘Will Grayson’, the location where the two Graysons meet and even the typeface! The plot is not too adventurous itself for the book is very character driven. But the skill displayed in weaving together the alternating chapters written by the two authors is commendable!

This colourful, bouncy and charming book has a conflicting dark, depressing side to it as well, which can make it incredibly difficult to read. The rude, sarcastic, teenage humour, though, keeps one laughing!

Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Written by: John Green and David Levithan
Publisher: Penguin Books
Price: Rs 350

Reviewed By Sidika Sehgal