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Malavika is an artist, illustrator and performer, who is passionate about drawing.

Malavika received her BFA from the College of Art, Chennai. Performance has been an integral part of Malavika’s life, ever since she was four.

It helped that both her parents came from artistic backgrounds and she “grew up hanging around Cholamandal and Lalit Kala all the time.” She has worked with several Chennai theatre groups and in 2006, she joined the Perch Collective and was an active part of their productions. In 2013 she anchored and collaborated and wrote 60 non-fiction films for young adults

Her work as an illustrator of children’s books is largely with Karadi Tales. At present, they are working on a series of books for children, called The World According to Us. Her sketches and drawings have been exhibited all over including in Pondicherry and Chennai.

She finds that ideas pick their mediums for expression based on how they feel being textured and what they feel like wearing that day. In one of her interviews she had this to say: “Some stories ask to be told, some to be blown through a pipette as ink-coated bubbles or set down on paper with more paper collages, some call to be drawn out through 0.1mm Isograph pens… while some crave to be sung.”

Malavika loves to work with and on paper and calls herself a ‘paper junkie’. Her quirky illustrations are not just funny but also highly detailed and visually appealing. She has illustrated for the Chennai based Blafkt Publications, for Australian Ken Spillman’s and Samit Basu’s books. She is currently an IFA Grantee and busy with her picture book.

Chennai-born MPC has exhibited her work, conducted workshops and undergone residencies in India and abroad

Information courtesy: Art Loft, Hindu Metro Plus, Art Bengaluru


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